Sylvia Vowless


passionately dedicated to accelerating

Soul Ascension Education


 According to the Holy Spirit, “Anything else is like tinsel on your personal Tree of Life!”


  • to expand the Light of your Soul – discover why you’re here, your Soul Purpose?
  • to enjoy a Spiritually delicious life and become your own Spiritual Life Coach?
  • to upgrade your everyday living – in her students’ words … step beyond confusion and chaos, be always at peace, light-hearted, content, stress-free, relaxed, joy-full, handling challenges and decisions with wisdom and ease?
  • for impeccable Spiritual Wisdom based on indisputable, unchanging, proven Divine Truth Principles and their Universal Laws?
  • to discover your unique Spiritual ‘APPS – Ascension Process Personal Steps’ to accelerate your progress and evolution?

Sylvia VowlessALL these – and more – are characteristics of living the genuine Ascension Process … but

there is no short-cut!

However, Sylvia’s joy and life dedication is helping people – just like you – through her ‘OM’ INTERNATIONAL and ‘OM’ Mystery School services, by offering a fast track! Sylvia VowlessSylvia’s work is uniquely different in that she only shares what she knows, rather than just theories she believes to be true! Her knowing is based on numerous, incredible multi-dimensional experiences – and wonderful verifiable results you too can enjoy! She was actually shown three stages of Ascension! And several glimpses of the higher dimensions. Then followed ‘downloadings’ from Divine Mind via the Holy Spirit, of the unavoidable steps everyone needs to live and master in order to complete all three stages!   Sylvia VowlessSylvia’s intense preparation began in the 1970’s, for her life’s Soul Service of worldwide teaching, writing, and Presenting (at 20+ major Spiritual Events), as an internationally recognised authority on Soul Ascension Education. During the meticulous training and challenging Initiations on the Inner Planes by an Order of Melchizedek High Priest, many amazing Ancient Wisdom Secrets were revealed to help accelerate Soul Evolution in this 21st Century of change.   Tree-of-Life_Flower-of-Life_StageMore direct Divine revelations which continue to this day, together with in-depth study and research of the ‘Divinely-received Wisdom’ of the Universal Tree of Life and western Qabbalah (now being explained through epigenetics and quantum physics) make her all-encompassing teaching and writing, mind-expanding and life-changing – and like no other.

Sylvia is blessed with the God-given gift of the ability to absorb, and then share, all the above knowledge in highly practical, easily-understood and applied ways!

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