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Have you wondered …

  • No matter how much work I put in, things just aren’t getting any better
  • I’ve been into spirituality for some time, many years – been following different teachers, different paradigms, but I still can’t figure my life out – or improve it! 
  • My Self-mastery hasn’t increased. I’m not feeling fulfilled or content.  Even my relationships and health are only so-so, finances aren’t good ……..  what can I do?

Sound familiar?

Well, for each of the above I’d love to share with you my proven


Yes, that’s right – it’s FAIL-SAFE!                                                            

MIRACLES are inevitable – I’ve been proving this myself for years now  –  and YOU can do it too!

 HOW is it FAIL-SAFE?   Because it relies ONLY on …….

  • GOD-SELF/HIGHER SELF SOURCE POWER – can there be anything greater than Divine Power??? 
  • QUANTUM FIELD & LANGUAGE of LIGHT connection to the Divine Mind – so endless affirmations are no longer necessary! 
  • AXIATONAL LINES SELF– ACTIVATION  (Keys of Enoch: 317) –  to restore your full Divine HIGHER SELF POWER flow … permanently! 
  • UNIVERSAL VIBRATION LAWS to uncover & release all limiting blocks 
  • YOUR DIVINE DIAMOND of LIFE whose unlimited perfect facets are just waiting for your magnificent unleashed Mastery potential to manifest! 

* NOW is the time for you to be ALL YOU CAN BE –

* a Divine being in human form living beyond lack & limitation –

* walking the earth & serving as the Master you were created to be!

Why wait any longer?   Let your LIGHT shine!

Saturday 16th MAY – One-day intensive 10am – 6.00pm

Kawai Purapura Campus, Mills Lane, Albany

With Internationally recognized  Order of Melchizedek

Spiritual Educator 

Sylvia Shanti Vowless QSM

ENERGY EXCHANGE (Fee)  – between  $123  and $333what feels right for you!

www.ominternational.co.nz      sjv3@xtra.co.nz   


Sylvia Shanti Vowless

Sylvia Shanti Vowless QSM,

internationally recognized authority for the past 25+ years on

Soul Ascension Education

Sylvia only shares what she KNOWS to be true through direct experience, not just what she believes!

Email Sylviasjv3@xtra.co.nzwww.ominternational.co.nz

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Do join me on 28th April for my next programme:


YOUR 3 LIGHT BODIES & LIGHT LANGUAGE – their connection & uses

In this information-packed programme you will be given little-known explanations of these important concepts of our 3 Light Bodies – yes, we have not just one but 3! – and God’s Language of Light, enabling you to understand and use them better.  And Sylvia will take you through your own Light Body experience so it becomes very real for you!

This information comes from ancient texts such as the Pistis Sophia from the Nag Hammadi library,  which record the resurrected Jesus’ advanced teachings to his disciples when He returned after His ascension.  The true meaning of His statement – the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE – becomes clear!

From her decades of study of such Ancient, Ageless Wisdom, Sylvia explains the origins of Light Bodies and Light Language which clearly show their connection. And most importantly, why this is essential for us to know so we can use them effectively to ‘catapult’ us to the higher reaches of our Spiritual Ascension journey!

You will be able to experience a little of their powerful effect in the Light techniques which Sylvia guides you through during the programme – enjoy new consciousness expansion and feel the Divine Light!