Judy Satori

Judy Satori

International Spiritual Teacher, Author, Vibrational Sound Healer, Global Spiritual Motivator

A human conduit for the activation of humanity’s innate DNA potential

Judy Satori has been described as a way shower, activator and catalyst for human transformation. She is a human conduit for Spirit, working with many of the Spiritual hierarchy and the Star Nations of this galaxy to transmit recoding sequences of sound and light that are designed to activate DNA potential. Judy’s work is a catalyst to assist you to be and express more of your true soul self.

Judy was born in the South Island and lived for much of her adult life in New Zealand. She is now a permanent resident of the USA, visits New Zealand regularly and travels and works in many countries.

The Sound of Light website at www.JudySatori.com or www.TheSoundOfLight.com is a Library for Ascension, with dozens of free audio energy transmissions that can be listened to online or downloaded to computer or cellphone.

There is also an online shopping section with intensive programs from Spirit to activate rapid change. The audio tracks are designed to clear blocked or sabotaging energy that gets in the way of us being who we truly are and achieving our optimum potential. These Languages of Light, very rapid ‘energy words’ from Spirit, are designed to activate more of our innate potential as human beings. They also upgrade the physical body to synchronize with the Earth’s new fifth dimensional vibration and to create an upgrade in human consciousness, spiritual awareness and understanding.

Judy with the group in Kolkata, India, March 2014

Judy with the group in Kolkata, India, March 2014

Judy’s purpose in 2014 is to build a ‘Unity Community’ of people aligned with a vision of peace, love and unity of spirit, bringing together the talents of many for the good of all. Towards the end of this year she will begin to transmit new energy words of creation that will be designed to rapidly activate a human DNA upgrade.

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From September this year Judy will be teaching in Kuala Lumpur, California and Sydney, Australia. Events

Sunshine Before the Dawn
In 2011 Judy wrote a book that was transmitted to her by the Galactic Council. Called “Sunshine Before the Dawn” this book is the story of how and why we came to Earth from the stars and why we are being called to action now. To read the Prologue free…to read Chapter One free. Sunshine Before the Dawn is available in hard copy, nook, kindle and pdf. More information

Sunshine Before the Dawn is currently being translated into Spanish and will be available at www.judysatori.com from September 2014.




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