Joan Berry

From travel agent to Personal Development Coach, Joan Berry is now developing a revolutionary product at Train My Brain trading as AudioNovo. Joan has worked for over 45 years in the travel industry, running her own successful travel agency in Christchurch for over 20 years. Originally hailing from South Africa, she moved with her husband and two children to New Zealand 28 years ago and throughout her working life has constantly been developing her knowledge and skills of personal development and people.

After selling the travel agency, and training as a Life Coach, Joan developed and perfected a product which empowered people to create and change their lives. Joan then started her own business in personal development coaching, through The Vital Link in Christchurch and helped many people to reshape their lives (using her product, offering audio files. Clients would listen to these for 28 days, and were then able to change their thinking and approach.) Joan took this business as far as she could, and she has now joined forces with two other professionals to launch AudioNovo.

The original product has evolved, and is now being leveraged to be sold worldwide as AudioNovo’s foundation product. From this platform Joan empowers people to develop new belief in themselves, helping them to better themselves and succeed in their own lives in whatever they choose. AudioNovo offers everything from “I want more money” to “I want better exam results”, and “I want to play better golf”. As a co-director of the company, she is responsible for the shared operation of running the business, as well as training and the creation of new products. Joan is an inspirational public speaker. She also runs personal development courses for both individuals and business houses.


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