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In collaboration with NZ The First Light During the Inner View with Dr Leslie Live Webinars we will explore fresh Insights into transformative healing of Bodymind and spirit, raising consciousness and frequency, new energies being downloaded to the planet, empowered manifestation, and more. This show will open your mind and heart to what’s ancient and what’s new… on planet earth and beyond. Join Dr Leslie Wells as she gleans revelation from the interesting and the unusual, with a bend towards spiritual awareness and enLIGHTenment.

About Dr Leslie

Through her 20 years of ever-deepening healing work, Dr. Leslie’s reach has extended beyond the body and mind, to deeply energetic and spiritual healing. As her own personal walk with God deepened along the way, her healing progressively took on a spiritual essence and new gifts opened with the Holy Spirit moving through her voice and hands, a channel of Spirit. Dr. Leslie presently practices as a minister of healing, offering tools and gifts to assist each person to access and facilitate their own healing. Her hands-on healing ministry spans Uganda Africa, New Zealand, and the United States. She now also facilitates Spiritual Attunement sessions remotely (via phone and Skype) for folks from a number of the 90 countries who tune in to her radio show – the Dr Leslie Show on WGIV 103.3FM and (See the radio page for details.) She is an ordained minister, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Chiropractic, (with current practicing license in New Zealand), and Medicine Woman of the Nemenhah Native American Tribe “We Walk In A Sacred Manner, We Talk In A Sacred Manner”. Her assistance to those in need ranges from nutrition and lifestyle guidance, to balancing brain chemistry naturally, clearing causes of physical/spinal/systemic infirmities of the body, releasing stress, energetic and spiritual blockages (including, on occasion, what some call deliverance), sound healing through Light Language /Angelic Tongues, and bringing through Divine Knowledge and personal guidance on one’s path from a Higher perspective. Dr Leslie Wells Host of the Dr Leslie Show WGIV 103.3 FM, 1370, 1490 AM Your Bridge to Wholeness

The Inner View with Dr Leslie webinars have been very informative and worthwhile attending. Watch the replays to the right  

Inner View with Dr Leslie

Dr Leslie


with Dr Leslie:

Thursday, 26 June @ 12 noon
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