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Helen Barnes

is an International Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Channel and Author. Helen offers a range of gifts, channelled in a state of surrender, to assist those awakening to divine truth. She sometimes refers to herself as the Metaphysical GP because of the diversity of her gifts and also a Transformation Coach, as so many of her clients experience huge shifts in consciousness through her facilitation processes.  She is divinely guided by spirit and works with the Language of Light as powerful sound frequencies penetrate deep within re-calibrating molecular structure and bringing all levels of being back into balance. Her toning sounds are experienced as pure vibration and literally cut through the veil of illusion to reveal divine truth. The focus of Helen’s teaching at this time is preparing people for the new earth energies. As changes are throwing humanity into chaos, there is a real opportunity for each of us to reclaim the full potential of all that we are as divine spirit incarnate.  Helen facilitates spiritual growth through healing, guidance, retreats and sacred journeys.  She lived at the Pyramids of Egypt over a period of 5 years and has always been a ‘traveller’.  She lives in a state of open-hearted surrender, guided by spirit to flow with ease and grace deeper into the mysteries of life.

Helen often refers to herself as a Metaphysical GP because of the diverse range of services she is able to offer.  Here is a list of what she offers….

  • Language of Light Sound Healings
  • Relationship Healing
  • Radical Forgiveness Therapy
  • Releasing Core Fear Programming
  • Intuitive Insights Readings
  • Spiritual Counselling and Mentoring
  • Life Path Coaching
  • Holistic Business Coaching

Helen Barnes has written and published two books – Emerging Soul and Self Realisation, A Journey to the Heart. Helen has a range of CD’s and Mp3’s with the Language of Light Healing and Activation Sound Tracks. Helen has a meditation CD with 2 meditations – Connecting with Your Guides & Angels and Past Lives. Helen has produced a deck of Language of Light Healing Cards with a corresponding Sound Track audio available as MP3 or CD. Helen has an Mp3 audio workshop available called the Love & Light of YOU 12 Activation Audio Workshop. Helen is actively producing audio material all the time, so check on her website for the full range. Sacred Soul Immersion Journeys Helen has been taking Sacred Soul Immersion Journeys to sacred sights around the globe since 2001.  She describes these journeys as ‘boutique style’ because the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 12 to facilitate a personal and transformational experience. Currently Helen takes journeys to:

  • Mt Shasta, USA
  • Sedona, USA
  • Glastonbury, UK
  • Egypt
  • Peru

As Helen lives in a state of constant surrender, other journeys may evolve as the energies align for new destinations to unfold. Spiritual Retreats Helen Barnes offers a range of Retreat options both at her New Zealand rural home and other locations around New Zealand and overseas.  She facilitates individual, personalised retreats for in-depth healing, as well as group retreats.

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