Greg Villers Greg has been on a conscious Spiritual and healing path for over 30 years. His healing journey began at 19years of age after sustaining a life threatening head injury, which left him experiencing epileptic seizures for many years. His journey of healing the effects of these introduced him to many varied modalities many of which he trained in. Along with his study of a variety of martial arts during this time, he developed a deep understanding of “energy” and the importance of this in all healing, and also the deep significance of Spirituality as part of this process.

He is a channel for the Higher Spiritual Realms and the Ancients. His Healing is Multi Dimensional as he believes for true Healing and Transformation to take place, all planes of existence need to be addressed. Some of Greg’s work includes:

  • Metatronic Encodings of Enlightenment” which are spiritual downloads from the Archangel Metatron.
  • Healing with the Language of Light. Powerful energetic shifts occur with this process
  • Ancients healing. Clearing of old subconscious programming ~ distorted belief systems and disconnection from the “Matrix” of illusion and suffering.
  • Reflexality, which is a system he created that, incorporates Reflexology, Polarity, Metamorphic Technique and Spiritual Surgery. Working through the feet of clients Greg finds is a powerful way of clearing blocks in one’s body and Energy Fields and promoting Healing and Transformation.
  • Soul Light range of Vibrational Essences that he creates to support people during these rapid times of Transformation and Awakening.

Who would benefit from this work? Anyone who is stuck in any area of their lives Anyone who is ready to embrace their true and highest potential. He is an experienced workshop facilitator in Spiritual Awakening and empowering people to embrace their Magnificence. Greg recognises that for our world to evolve beyond the fear and suffering that we have experienced for aeons, we must embrace LOVE ~ UNITY ~ ONENESS and EXPANSION. As we embrace these concepts as our new reality we can create a world that respects the rights of all life and allows us to live in peace and harmony.


My sessions with Greg and the Ancient Ones really helped me clear a great deal of emotional pain and sadness following my father’s death that has now allowed me to open to a higher vibration of energy.  The Light Language that I am speaking has also been upgraded by Spirit and has changed. Greg also cleared my physical body and I felt GREAT after our two sessions.  I appreciate the essences and could immediately feel their energy helping me to integrate the changes that had occurred.  I highly recommend Greg’s work.”  

Judy Satori


Contact details:

 icon-phone +64 21 771313