15 November 2014

God Glow is the radiance of living as One with God. In realizing the truth of who we are, our Vibrational levels are raised to mirror the Essence of who we truly are. In so doing we begin to emanate a Glow of Pure Love for all to see and for us to experience as our new reality. We arrive more fully in our Fifth Dimensional Body of Light and create the outer reflection of our inner projection. Hearts open and in perfect Union with God we can now create Heaven on Earth.

This day will see each person deepening their connection with and awareness of themselves as God. As Love takes hold you will feel a sense of deep peace and freedom from the vibration of fear. A sense of Oneness and Expansion as the constriction of fear is dissolved away. The Way forward is the Way of the Heart ~ The Way of Love. Through the Awareness of our Love, our Light glows ever Brighter and we transform all around us. Our Light is Gods Light projected through us as the Light of the World.

To navigate these coming times, we are required to be living from our Heart Centre and allowing Love to live in, through and as us. Our surrender to our Divine Essence, which is God, will determine the ease and grace by which we experience Life.

Processes will be experienced to help you on your journey of Awakening to your God Self and you will leave feeling more expansive and attuned to the God Glow of your true Nature.

The energies of this event will help with the dissolving away of the old way of doing life and the quickening of your Light Vibrations.

Bring your sunglasses folks 

Date: 15th November 2014
Time: 1pm ~ 4.30pm
Venue: Browns Bay Community Centre, 1st Floor. 2 Glen Road, Browns Bay
Exchange: $80.00

Contact Greg Villers
Email: greg@transhealing.co.nz
Ph: (09) 478 4357
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