Gail Taylor


As I fulfil my Life’s Purpose, my deepest desire remains to be of full & Loving Service. Following my Passions, I am a clear channel for Spirit, richly blessed with many gifts, bringing Joy & benefits to many in their Daily lives. 

I AM a Healing facilitator, bringing through the Christ Energies with the highest integrity, to help Heal, Balance & Restore on all Levels. As I surrender to Spirit, powerful, energies flow freely through me in the form of Light Language through my voice & vibrational energies through my hands. Whether Present or Distance [where recipients receive the Healing Energies of Light Language & guidance of Spirit on mp3 files] the results from the subtle to the profound are experienced.. I AM a Painter, co-creating with Spirit, in alignment with the fulfilment of the Divine Plan, beautiful & unique “Paintings for the Soul,” all infused with specific, high vibrational encodings & symbols assisting you on your Life’s journey. Whether a “Personal Soul Painting,” or a Soul painting to grace your home or workplace, these powerful Paintings are a gift that keeps giving. The full range of Paintings are available on where one can also receive the Monthly Light Language Audio from Spirit.

The Magic of Avalon Gail Taylor

The Magic of Avalon
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I AM a Writer, blessed to channel the Universal Wisdom of the Masters in the form of Poetry and the Hand scripted Light Language of the Higher Dimensional Galactic Living Library of Wisdom and Knowledge, available as Personal readings. I AM a Teacher/ Presenter – a dedicated, Intuitive channel for Spirit, running Meditation evenings & Spiritual Growth Presentations. These High energy experiences, over lighted by the Ascended Masters, the Elohim & the Star Nations bring through me, Light Language & Vibrational Energies to support, clear & activate our Being all levels, as we evolve through our Ascension process.

Blessings be…..