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BREAKING NEWS! Two more fantastic speakers in our line-up!

Uplift – Enjoy – Inspire – Enlighten – Energise

Friday 6th February 2pm (Waitangi Day), to Sunday 8th 4pm, Taupo

Not many spaces left at Tauhara now so if YOU wish to join us for this magical, unforgettable weekend we suggest you REGISTER NOW!


Jeffree Clarkson – there’s nothing quite as wonderful as having incredibly beautiful and uplifting music throughout the weekend, so we’re indeed blessed Jeffree can join us and bring his ‘surround sound’ ambience.

Dr Sam Shay, USA – we’re very fortunate to have Sam as he’s a highly skilled professional speaker in the fields of modern neurology, consciousness, his own 10 Points of Wellness plus the work of Byron Katie.


Dr Bruce Lipton, USA – we’re so very privileged Bruce has agreed to give us a special, unforgettable half-day seminar! He is a world renowned leader and best-selling author in life-transforming fields of human potential & science. Among his most famous books are: The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution, and his latest: The Honeymoon Effect – The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth.

Dr Gary Cook – authority on NZ’s ancient peoples and past will share with us the NZ legend of the First Light, lead our Kaimanawa Wall experience with its nearby healing point and time portal, and show us singing plants!

Sylvia Shanti Vowless QSM – internationally recognized Spiritual Educator will share Ancient Wisdom First Light origins, the NZ connection, and illuminating ‘Light’ tips/techniques – also her love of Sacred Song and Dances.

Diane Wilkins – founder of ‘NZ the First Light’ network and Authentic You Web TV will share her visions for our ‘making a difference’ potential.

Jonathan Quintin – known internationally for his unique work and exquisite mandalas of Sacred Geometry, will share their power and meaning.

Jeltje and Marius – Gong Masters without equal from Golden Bay who will give you an unforgettable Sound experience and meditation.

David Holden – Naturopath and Iridologist par excellence who will launch and discuss his latest book ‘Natural Medicine 101 for (not so) Dummies!’

Jane Gruebner – The Body Mind Interpreter – NZ’s only Mindscape Instructor. Mindscape draws on different mind dynamics systems to transform your life.

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HitchHikers Guide to the Real Super you

 Sylvia Shanti Vowless

Sylvia Shanti Vowless QSM warmly invites YOU to register for her

Programme 3 this month

Activating Your ‘Hot-Line’ to your Godself!

You can learn how to use the interconnecting link and communicator within – the ‘still small voice of God’ … and how our 3 minds work together!