Elisabeth Von Madarasz Shamanic Healing

ELISABETH VON MADARASZ BA had the privilege of beginning her magic filled Shamanic path and training in 1989 with Sandra Ingerman, then of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS, USA). She later taught in NZ as a Guest Faculty Teacher for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (USA).

Elisabeth also studied for over 2 years with Robert Morningsky and, during his Vision Quest in Arizona, her passion to master survival skills was aroused. Elisabeth is a Graduate of the Tom Brown Jnr. Survival and Philosophy 1- 5 workshops and has taught Shamanic seminars in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Europe.

Elisabeth has the joy and privilege, over the last 20 years, of treasuring precious, enduring relationships and teachings with outstanding Maori Tohunga (shamans) and Tahuna (ancient wisdom keepers).

In 1998 Elisabeth founded the Academy of Shamanic Studies (NZ) which aims to share in a way that honours the spiritual purpose and cultural heritage of each person as well as the Spirit and vibrations of the land. She experiences that it is not around “teaching” – it is around offering simple tools for each to reconnect with their own Spirit and Source and to open the way for them to remember who they truly are and the unique gifts they bring.

It is a joy to witness Quantum Physics and the Field Research confirm ancient shamanic wisdom. Elisabeth’s vision is to share the ancient, star seeded Shamanic principles of oneness and our interconnectedness, so that we can live in peace, harmony, balance, oneness, love, honour and respect for each other and for all life forms. This is fundamental to humankind joyfully co-creating the New Earth in this Golden Age of Oneness.


Elisabeth offers Shamanic Healing, including distant healing. For further information, see her articles on Shamanic, Lineage and Trauma healing. Elisabeth also offers seminars, articles, CDs and DVDs on her website.