The Dragon’s Breath Meditation

with Gail Taylor

This most powerful Guided Visualisation is gifted from Spirit.Cleansing & Clearing your Chakras, this activation results in the re-awakening & strengthening of Your Kundalini.

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Gail Taylor Dragons Breath


Many Years ago, I asked Spirit for the words to describe my Life’s purpose – I was given -“I AM richly blessed to bring through the Christ Energies to help Heal, Balance & Restore on all Levels. Since then, as I surrender daily to the Great Unknown, my Heart, my Gifts, Skills & Abilities are continuing to expand exponentially, leaving me in a place of Eternal Gratitude. As the Magic continues to manifest, my desire to be of Loving Service expands in ways I never imagined when I first asked that question. I know that, Through Love – all things are possible.