Do you feel drawn to be part of the Planetary & Cosmic movement to
      Co-Create The New Earth of Peace, Love, Joy and Oneness?


 ONLY $25 per webinar

We will co-create a vast magnetic field, inviting the I AM Presence of all on the planet, along with the great Beings and Legions of Light to join us on the inner planes, to maximise the monthly opportunity to shift our own as well as the collective consciousness of humanity & receive potent activations.

Gathering & Webinar Introduction

Gift 1

Your Multi-Dimensional Self –  MP3
Explore & experience the different frequencies of your being, to optimise your conscious evolution.


Gift 2

Activating Your Tree of Life 
Elisabeth takes you through a step by step process of centering and radiating your Divine Humanity.

Special Gift – Webinar 1 Replay

This Series includes …

*  Live Webinars ( with ongoing access to recordings) on an easy to access Webinar Platform.

*  Monthly Meditations & Activations to remember and embody, more and  more fully,
 the Divine Hu-man Be-ings that we truly are. 

*  Experience & embody quantum teachings so we can then choose in each moment to live from our
highest consciousness.

*  Be part of a planetary and cosmic movement to co-create the New Earth of Peace, Love, Joy & Oneness.

*  Tools and techniques to awaken your Divine Purpose.


23 July 2 pm – 3.30 pm
21 August
18 September
16 October
20 November
12 December2014



THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU…. Elizabeth for your AMAZING webinar – the information and processes are literally ‘life changing’… I have ‘heard’ most of the information before but was never ‘taught’ (or reminded hehehe) how to put it all together.  The shifts I felt were very distinct and have now made clear in my minds eye what they mean – I have had the feelings before but didn’t know what to connect them to.
I attended Shamanic training with others for a number of years with Elisabeth and during this time I witnessed people change & evolve & become more able to realise their potential.  My life was enriched and the relationship that I experience with myself, others, and the world deepened profoundly.  The service Elisabeth provides is truly healing and life changing, and I recommend her to all.