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When I studied the mind, I discovered the unlimited power and potential of the subconscious (some people call it unconscious) mind. I realised what a negative impact negative stories, words and images have on our moods and behaviour. My understanding now is that it is as toxic to feed your mind with depressing stories, gossip or drama as it is to feed your body with unhealthy food. In order to transition from our ‘unhealthy’ responses to articles, news and stories we need to support our mind with uplifting content, beautiful images and solution-oriented discussions. I love reading. When I feel down I know that a good book or a great article will always pick me up and give me strength. When I looked for a magazine that supported this philosophy I couldn’t find one. So I decided to create one. In the process I not only discovered that I am creative but also that I have co-created this magazine in my ‘new’ way of thinking and living and enjoy an ever-growing community of likeminded people who support me and the idea behind “One Smile” itself.

The title “One Smile” is founded on the idea that we are all one on the quantum level. Everything is light and information and on that level absolutely everything on this planet is interconnected. That is the level where true change is ignited. A smile is the simplest, fastest and easiest way to share some positivity and uplift someone else, and by doing so feel better ourselves. There is also a powerful ripple effect with a smile. I smile at a stranger walking past and they pick that smile up and pass it on. That way a smile can travel quickly around the whole world. Are you the one who is breaking the cycle? Then Smile “One Smile” magazine is available with a FREE online version and as a hard copy or by online subscription. It is also available in selected retail outlets in the Nelson region of New Zealand.

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Who is Catrin Jacksties? 

Catrin Jacksties One Smile MagazineI was born in Kiel, Germany in 1963 and had a pretty turbulent and traumatic upbringing. The first of many ‘wake up calls ‘was the death of my beloved 18-year old brother when I was 17. Ultimately I discovered that our life is not a culmination of events but a co-creation with the universe. I have come to accept that I am the only person who is responsible for how I perceive my life. My question was “How do I become a happy person and release all my fear?” After high school I travelled and went into the hospitality industry – the first really amazing years of my life. After coming to New Zealand in 1997 I started a tour company. When I divorced my husband in 2000 I bought a preschool and ran that for 7 years.

My desire for personal development and learning about the ‘unseen’ (quantum) parts of this world engaged me in learning about brain development, neuroscience and the mind. I joined Toastmasters to understand better how to put my knowledge into a format that people could relate to. I practiced how to ‘unlearn’ and rewire my brain. I have three teenage children that I brought up on my own – this is the job of which I am most proud of today. I love cats, dolphins and horses and believe that they are all great teachers. I can honestly say that I have made the transition from fear to freedom and transformed my life in the process. I would love to share how I did this with you and to provide tools for many other people to realise that freedom is a state of mind.


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