Annette Hanham

Annette Hanham

Golden Age Mentor

Spiritual Writer, Speaker & Mentor for the Golden Age

Gifts often come disguised as adversity and such was the case for Annette when her seventeen year old son, Tim, abruptly returned to the realms of Spirit in the year 2000. By gradually allowing herself to hold her son in the consciousness of love rather than pain, Annette eventually transformed her grief into unimaginable love and joy!

“We embrace darkness in order to fully embrace our Light- for all is One”

Inspiring Others to Awaken

Golden Age Mentor - Annette Hanham

Annette Hanham’s Golden Age Mentor

During her 13 year journey into awakening Annette brought forth the qualities that formed the transformative energies that now inspire others to awaken to ‘who they really are.’ It is not about learning, but rather remembering who we really are.
Loving Wisdom
– hearing and listening to your inner voice of truth and wisdom
Loving Compassion 
– loving self unconditionally so that you may love others
Loving Knowing
– aligning your whole Being with faith as a key to creating
Loving Grace
– surrendering your personality self to find the gifts of grace
Loving Abundance
– the natural consequence of Oneness is love and joy


“Love and Joy are your baseline in the Golden Age- Be nothing less”

Annette Hanham also has a role in supporting the New Children and those who walk alongside them as parents and educators. She invites the latter to awaken their awareness of who they are, because these children are already fully awakened, gifted souls. Services Dry Your Tears - Annette Hanham Mentor to the Golden Age Children & their Parents & Educators Inspirational speaker on a wide range of topics including- Transcending grief “From Grief to Grace” Raising Your Vibrational Frequency The Golden Age Children The Awakening Soul Creating Consciously Products Writing under the name of Little Grace, Annette published her journey of awakening in her first book “Dry Your Tears”- A Mother finds the Gift of Love through Grief. This book was co-created with Spirit and is encoded with transformative healing energies which has had a profound effect on her readers. Annette says that even if we haven’t lost a loved one in this life time, we all carry the dense energies of grief, betrayal, loss, judgment from previous lifetimes. “Dry Your Tears” is a tool for humanity to heal these old wounds of discord and restore harmony, as well as following the journey of an awakening soul. You are invited to read chapter one online Available as paper back and e-book (audio-book coming) Annette’s forthcoming book describes how we can best understand and support the Golden Age Children who have incarnated as way showers of the New Earth.

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Annette Hanham

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