About Us
It is my desire to empower others, and so the cycle of ‘Spiritual Evolution’ continues.

Why – My Purpose
Live the life you were meant to live. The Angelite Centre is an educational centre for healing, spiritual learning and development.

The Angelite Centre provides a wonderful opportunity to help people help themselves; to help individuals to live the life they were meant to live.

What – We Offer
The Angelite Centre is an educational centre for healing, spiritual learning and development. At the Centre, we provide you with a range of ways to develop your spiritual awareness and skills. Our development forums include:

Private Consultations: one-on-one sessions for clairvoyance, healing and individual development
Group Learning: with a range of Angelite courses, circles, and practice days.

How – Our Unique Approach Helps You

Accelerating Spiritual Growth – whether you are just starting out or a Healing Practitioner/Medium.

Both the one-on-one sessions and the group courses accelerate spiritual growth.

Through my Angelite courses and the private consultations, I strive to empower individuals; to help them access their own guides and find their own answers, direction, and ability to communicate with loved ones.

Whether they start with a private consultation (as most do) or a course, the Angelite Centre provides individuals with a pathway for spiritual development. That’s an important difference and one that provides me with a great sense of purpose.

Regards, Carole McCarthy (Centre Owner & Director)

Please contact Carole on (09) 833-6892 or check out the website www.angelitecentre.co.nz