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We are a dedicated platform for showcasing Our People – the land of New Zealand and our role in co-creating A New Reality. Every day at sunrise the first rays of light on Earth rise up from the horizon and touch the East Cape of New Zealand, Aotearoa welcoming into the world the first light of each new day. As we are now anchoring a new age here on Planet Earth, New Zealand, the land of the First Light, has an important role to play. Of particular significance are the number of visionaries, healers and metaphysical light workers who live or journey to New Zealand. They hold the vision and keys to creating a new world on a new Earth. Many ancient civilisations and most, if not all, of the indigenous people of our world today have spoken of a golden age which would herald much change in our modern world. 21/12/12 was considered a turning point for Planet Earth and Humanity as our Central Sun entered the Galactic Nucleus and we moved into a recalibrated, electromagnetic alignment which signifies a ‘shift in consciousness’ and the beginning of this golden age. NZ – The First Light is delighted to bring you tools, products, events and inspiration to navigate your way through these NOW times where our world is changing and we have the potential to be the change we want to see. We are all here at this time for a reason. We chose this path long ago and now it is up to each and everyone of us, collectively, to consciously create our reality. NZ – The First Light is here to lead the way.

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Diane Wilkins NZ The First Light

Diane Wilkins

Netweaver / Innovator

My purpose and passion in life is to assist with the ‘shift in consciousness.’ Being instrumental in promoting Visionaries and Leaders that are assisting us with the transition of Co-Creating A New Reality On A New Earth. For as long as I can remember I have had an inner drive to discover who I am, what makes me tick and what my purpose in life is! My thirst for knowledge was externalized, looking for the answer in all the books, seminars, workshops etc that I attended around the world. I found many helpful tools that seemed to work for a while and then I would start to experience depression again. In 1997 I came to New Zealand from South Africa and a corporate environment in marketing and public relations. Following my passion I studied many natural therapies as I had a drive and focus to understand what really makes us tick.  It has been the most amazing journey of letting go of attachment and learning to TRUST my intuition and guidance. This lead me to starting Integrated Events Centre, a venue where I provided a nurturing safe space and marketing / promotion expertise to Teachers and Facilitators so they could offer a multitude of modalities to assist people to grow and become empowered.  This became a hub that supported people in realising that they were creating their own reality, consciously or unconsciously. This brings me to the Vision that I had in September 2012 to host an international event which became NZ The First Light International Co-Creative Symposium… and so the most amazing journey of my life began.

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NZ The First Light Co-Creative Symposium was the anchoring of the energy for Co-Creating A New Reality On A New Earth.  During the weekend I was prompted to get the domain name NZ The First Light and here we are at the launch of the next phase of our co-creation!! Back to the Symposium… The event was held on the 13 & 14 April 2013 at Massey University in Albany, Auckland. I approached Judy Satori and Helen Barnes and they held the space with me for this Co-Creative event. Here is the video teaser produced for this Event.

First Light NZ 2013

Guided by Spirit, Diane Wilkins, Judy Satori and Helen Barnes held the space at this International Co-Creative Symposium for all those that resonate with this event, to come together and collectively create A New Reality on A New Earth.  New Zealand is the beginning of a wave for ‘Co-Creating A New Reality on A New Earth.’  We have the critical mass for tipping the scales for the rest of humanity. A new way of being in this world living from a unified field – a shift from head to heart, from duality to unity consciousness.  You put your hand up a long time ago and have an integral part to play.  The time is NOW!!

Here is what Judy Satori had to say about the event: Judy SatoriNew Zealand – The First Light Symposium An Invitation from Spirit to Co-create a New Vision for  New ‘Ze’ Land, the place of the New Light Dear Friends, When Diane Wilkins approached me with her vision for a First Light Symposium to be held in Auckland I felt immediately that this event would be the beginning of a new wave of spiritual energy emanating from New Zealand, but spreading worldwide. I saw in my inner vision images of many people coming here to this country to learn directly from Spirit how to create a new way and a new way of being on our planet. I am thrilled to co-host this event with Diane and Helen Barnes who will be well known to many of you and who has been my friend and colleague for many years. We aren’t planning a set programme, except holding a space for Spirit, asking all our spiritual friends from the Stars and so many dimensions of reality to speak to us and guide us forward. The structure for the new creation symposium that I am receiving is modelled on the ancient Egyptian creation cycle of Manu, the water principle; Akhut, the fire principle; Rostau the Earth principle and Ament; the air principle. This event is not about only a few people speaking, it is about co-creating together in oneness. You have a role to play and a piece to bring that you know deeply within yourself that you are to share and that the time is right. I am excited to see what will unfold. Already this year magic is happening. From my heart to yours, with love and blessings, Judy Satori To visit Judy’s website: thesoundoflight.com Here is what Helen Barnes had to say about the event:

Helen BarnesHelen Barnes 

Message from Helen This event is for everyone whose soul is calling to play a role in the manifestation of the new earth energies here and now! It is not a structured event, but rather a co-creation which will evolve out of a collective surrendering to a unified intention for our beloved Gaia and those who choose to dwell here. Each one of us has an integral role to play in anchoring the new light so that the new earth energies can flourish and expand beyond our dreams into a new golden age. We are the ones who chose to be here at this time and as everything is contracted in consciousness, you are here now for a specific purpose – one that is calling you to this event so that we can collectively and consciously play our part in the unfoldment of the divine plan. All you need bring is an open heart and a desire to serve. Love and gratitude, Helen Visit Helen’s website: www.kolmysteries.com

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The Story of the Cloak

The Cloak - NZ The First Light

The Cloak – NZ The First Light Click image to enlarge

To begin this story I have to go back to the summer of 2010 when in meditation I was being called home by these magnificence Maori Women, they were saying Kuia come home, Kuia come home, I came out of meditation and went up stairs to have a shower and they came with me calling Kuia come home. I felt afraid as I did not understand what was being said, so I had further conversation and realized they were calling me home to myself. I was laying in bed that night thinking about the experience I had had and as I was going to sleep the Maori women asked me if I would go to the beach tomorrow. So the next morning I took myself off to the beach and stood thigh deep in the ocean and what a magnificent sight filled my eyes. These stunning Maori Women in cloaks that I do not have the words to describe were on the ocean and told me I was to pull a Waka through a portal. I was stunned and was thinking how on earth would I do that! They turned me around and said it would come through on the tales of a cloak. Since then I have wondered about that experience and what it was all about. A friend of mine introduced me to Makuini Ruth Tai and I spoke to her about the vision. Now fast forward to January 2013, I received a  call from Diane Wilkins to be part of NZ First Light International Co-Creative Symposium. A few days later I had a vision of this event and what I saw was a platform that was covered in soft golden light with 2 steps around it, with lots of people standing on the steps releasing, as stepping into the light onto the platform required everyone to be naked, free of the old. There was a ceremony going on with music, and there was a cloak in the centre. The cloak appeared in a meditation a week or so later, it first appeared as the shape of the Waka or what I thought was a Waka, I was instructed to get up and draw it, I looked at it and wondered what it was and thought it looked like a Waka with rowers, then two days later the rest came through.

1st Drawing of the Cloak

1st Drawing of the Cloak Click image to enlarge

First I was instructed to draw the cloak and then the symbology came through. The Back of the Cloak

Back of the Cloak

Back of the Cloak Click image to enlarge

The base of the Cloak is brown this symbolizes the mother, the earth. The top is blue this symbolizes the father. In the centre is an inverted triangle this is the pod that held our seed. The symbol of the inverted triangle represents mother, cave, water.   On either side of the triangle are feathers, the significance of the feathers are nurture and warmth. The mother nurtured us, feed us, watered us, and kept us warm so that we could grow. The lotus flower symbolizes us: Our journey through the waters of experience into the bright sunshine of enlightenment. The colour blue of the lotus is a symbol of the victory of spirit over the senses and signifies the wisdom of knowledge. The centre of the lotus flower is pink this represents the sacredness of us In the centre of the cloak is the shape that represents a vagina and a Waka, the colour is red. The colour red symbolizes the base chakra which is the foundation of our entire chakra system. It contains patterns passed down from our families, both our bloodline and soul lines and connects us to our heritage. It also connects us to the Mother, Gaia, Earth. The shape which symbolizes the vagina is birthing. The shape that also symbolizes the Waka, the birthing vehicular that is coming through from the Stars. On either side of the Waka are 6 long cords (12 in all). They represent the star beings who are rowing the canoe. When the Cloak is placed around the shoulders of the feminine the cords are then held by 12 beings of feminine energy and are supported by 12 beings of masculine energy (the balance). The cords now represent the 12 strands of DNA. Then the group who represent the feathers help to pull the Waka through and birth A New Reality on a New Earth. The group connect with each other in touch and as the Cloak moves through the space they form the tails of the cloak. It is in standing together connected in oneness that the shift happens. Inside the Waka is a golden heart: The colour gold is the colour of the vibration of unconditional love, the symbol of the heart is the us meeting heart to heart. The Front of the Cloak

Front of Cloak

Front of Cloak Click image to enlarge

The front of the Cloak is blue: It has feathers around the neck that represent nurture and love. There are 6 rows of feathers that hold strands these represent the 22 chakras. For me, my journey with this event has been magical from finding out that the Cloak was being made, to hearing that Makuini Ruth Tai was going to wear the cloak (as I had no idea that this was who Diane was drawn to ask and that she accepted), to then witnessing the beautiful instruments and musicians that presented themselves to fill our cells with the vibration of new energy and to assist with the delivery of this in such a magical way. And then to experience the power of the ceremony of the gifting of Pounamu. Over the months leading up to the event as I put together my preparation for this event I experienced what to me felt like a striping back, a letting go, a releasing of that which no longer served me. At times it was confronting. It felt as if I was visiting my core story and reliving on different levels things that I thought I had long ago released. It was as if there were traces still there. I felt at times like I was in the bowels of the earth, that is what it felt like, as I surrendered to the shadow to the fear and fully grasped that if I was the light then I was also all of the shadow. As I surrendered I felt like I was the lotus flower opening wider and wider, the deeper the surrender the wider the opening. In my meditations the base chakra was strongly present and what I experienced again was  release, letting go and in this came a deep surrender and in the surrender came the awareness of the importance of the base chakra in connection with our mother it was as if this is the gate way. On Sunday evening at the end of the most amazing two days of the NZ First Light International Co-Creative Symposium I was sitting with huge grief in my being, I started to cry and what was coming from my mouth was, why was I sent away? 10 months before this I was guided to leave the land I have a huge heart connection with and go and live in Australia and had been put into semi isolation. The feeling of grief was overwhelming I almost felt like I was being crushed, it was consuming and intense. On Sunday evening after the event I was staying at Diane’s house and a group of us were sitting around the table talking, the feeling in my body was heavy I felt grey in colour and was struggling to be part of anything, I felt like I was drowning in sadness and what kept going around in my head was why was I sent away. When everyone went to bed, I felt the cloak calling me and I was guided to lay her out on the floor and she wanted the peace lily to be at the top by the neck of the cloak. I was called to lie at the bottom of her as if I was lieing in the pod once again, I knew then that I would be sleeping with her. As I lay on the floor I felt as if I was in the earth, I could feel her holding me, I started to sob and say mum why did you leave me, as what was coming up for me was grief around my beautiful mum passing 2 years before. And then the sobbing went deep inside my being, it was as if the grief of my mum passing opened the doorway to go deeper and deeper and deeper. I could feel the dirt, taste the dirt, I could feel the earth holding me and I then realized I was sobbing for the separation from the earth my mother. It was painful, it was wrenching, it was lonely, it was isolating, it was dark, it was hard, it was cold, it was abandonment. She said to me “you are a fire dancer my beautiful child a shifter of energy, the final part of bringing through the seed of the cloak is the planting of the DNA strands in the earth and these cannot be planted until separation has been released. I lay in her for hours sobbing away separated and coming home to my beautiful mother the earth. At 6 a.m. on Monday 15th April 2013 the DNA strands were anchored in the earth. From my heart to yours I feel humbled and honoured to be on this planet at this time. I am you and you are me together we are ONE we are love.

Karen Balmer

Karen Balmer

I have to acknowledge and thank Karen Balmer, the most amazing creative Divine Being who took my sketches and birthed this beautiful cloak, her attention to detail is breath taking. She sourced natural fabric from all over the world and went on her own journey in breathing life into each cut, each stitch to bring about this stunning garment. Separation is painful, it is isolating, it is abandoning, it is lonely, it is depressing, it is tearful, it is angry, it is fear. It is part of our journey home to ourselves to hold the awareness of our  separation from ourselves and our mother, to dive into waters that take us home. To surrender every muscle, tissue, organ, cell, bone, to surrender, to let go release and in doing so expanding our hearts to allow judgment to melt and to then know at a very deep level of our being, that we are ONE there is no separation, that our differences are the gifts that we have bought with us on this journey to give to one another. Our resonance with the gift is our guidance as to how we open them. It is time It is time It is time to see and appreciate our differences and know that we are ONE, we are the same we are LOVE. Written by Angela Dickson

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